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The Renée Crown University Honors Program provides a center for academic innovation. We are a community of scholars who make visible the intellectual, social, and communal purposes of the University; participation in the Honors Program builds the foundation for personal and professional growth in a rapidly changing world. Honors engages students and faculty from all colleges on campus working together to deepen scholarship, promote superlative professional and creative work, and benefit our communities, locally and globally.

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Feature slide of Watson speakers

Honors is Sponsoring The Watson Symposium

Professor William J. Peace will host a day long symposium on disability, bio-ethics, and contemporary medicine. He will deliver a lecture on disability, bio-ethics, and […]
Mar 7, 2014 /

Honors Located in 306 Bowne Hall

historical picture of Bowne Hall circa 1900 or so

306 Bowne Hall
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