Alexis in the Bloomberg office.

This past summer, I pursued an internship in financial services at Bloomberg in New York City. Over the course of 10 weeks, I had the opportunity to dive deep into the financial technology industry and even networked in their media department. I learned so much about finance and was able to do client-facing work in the Bloomberg office and other offices as well! This was an in-person internship that I was able to participate in with the help of Honors funding.

The whole experience of working in a large corporate environment was very new to me. I was not expecting to encounter as many people on a daily basis as I did. Although this was very overwhelming at first, it was a great opportunity for learning and networking. I met so many smart and passionate people during this internship and I am so grateful for this experience. An alum, Logan Margolis, helped me immensely throughout my entire experience. From the application process to the interviews, to the internship itself, and securing a return offer, he was very helpful in my participation.

I was offered and accepted a full-time role at Bloomberg, and I am so excited to return! In addition to having a full-time role, I am also currently a campus ambassador for Bloomberg Careers. I love helping other students at my school find opportunities that are of interest to them at Bloomberg and give back to the company,

I wouldn’t have been able to have the summer that I did without Honors support. Thank you so much for this grant and I am so grateful to have been awarded it. I am so glad this resource is available to students to make these experiences more attainable and equitable.

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