About Honors Courses

Courses offered by the Honors Program are innovative, often experimental courses that represent the faculty member's original investigation of a topic. These innovative courses count toward your degree requirements as well as your Honors requirements.

Honors courses may be taught as independent courses or as discussion/laboratory sections within a larger course. In each case, we expect students to learn from one another as well as from the instructor. Most courses carry three or four credits.

Honors also offers 1 credit hour seminars that introduce students to various aspects of the wider community in the city of Syracuse and central New York.  These courses are often taught by prominent and accomplished members of the Central New York community, and serve to immerse students into the life of the local area.

Honors Course Options

HNR Courses

HNR prefix courses are offered by the program directly, with the HNR subject prefix: these are offered exclusively for Honors students. These are innovative, highly interdisciplinary courses such as "The Science of Shipwrecks" or "Working in a Digital Economy".  HNR courses also fulfill your Arts &  Sciences core requirements. Browse our course lists of HNR courses for more descriptions. 

Honors Sections

These are Syracuse University courses with other departmental subject prefixes that are sections reserved exclusively or primarily for Honors students.  For example, a Chemistry or International Relations course will have a special 'section' that is reserved for Honors students in which they can engage the subject more deeply. 

Contract Courses

Customize a Syracuse University Course and make it an Honors course that fits your unique course of study. Visit our page on contracts courses for more details.

Abroad and Off Campus Course Substitution

Go abroad or travel off campus, and you can fulfill Honors course requirements at the same time.  Visit our off campus study page for details.

Syracuse Courses that fulfill other Honors Requirements

Often courses at Syracuse will count toward Honors requirements such as 'collaborative capacity', 'public presentation', 'interdisciplinarity' by nature of their topic or teaching methods and course structure. You may view a comprehensive list of Syracuse University courses and the requirements they count toward here. Note, these are not Honors courses and do not count toward the Honors course credit minimum. 

Honors Course Lists and Directory

Honors course lists are organized by the overall attributes each course counts toward. Please make  sure you are familiar with our attributes and how they fulfill Honors requirements over the course of your academic career. Our advisors are here to guide you through understanding these, and applying them to your course schedule.

The course lists can be accessed via our Airtable application below. Always defer to MySlice for the most up to date scheduling information, as rarely a course time or location may be changed.

Fall 2024 Honors Courses

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