What are Contract courses?

Contract courses provide opportunities for students to fulfill the program's academic requirements. Students work with faculty in non-honors courses to determine a project, in addition to the coursework, that they can complete, and which can count for honors credit.

Contract courses provide opportunities for students to engage in more in-depth and independent research, and to present their work on campus. These courses provide opportunities for students to work more closely with faculty in their fields.

Students consult with faculty to collaboratively determine the additional component that constitutes the project. The contract should enhance the course learning outcomes and the student's research interests. Honors contracts are varied, and depend on the student's field of study. Contracts can be creative projects, independent or team-based research, and such. It is expected that the student and faculty will meet regularly outside of class, so that the faculty provides consistent guidance, feedback and assessment of the contract.

A faculty member reserves the right to decline to work with a student on a contract. A faculty member may also have additional expectations not noted here.


        • Only one contract course (up to 3 credits) will count towards fulfilling the Honors Program academic requirements.
        • Courses that have honors sections will not be considered as contract courses.
        • The contract course should be sufficiently distinct from the thesis project.
        • A student who completes a contract course cannot complete a study abroad course substitution. Similarly, a student who completes a study abroad course substitution cannot complete a contract course.
        • The deadline to submit a contract course proposal is the add/drop deadline.





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