Tyler with other broadcasters on the team.

My broadcasting skills improved exponentially this past summer. Over a 42-game season with the Syracuse Salt Cats, I had the most consistent play-by-play opportunities of my life. I was able to work on my craft while getting feedback from my fellow broadcasters as well as some of my on-campus mentors. Charlie Ben-Ami, a fellow Syracuse student, was one of the other broadcasters on my team. He helped me throughout the summer, as well as giving me feedback and tips on broadcasting. This internship also gave me a chance to hone my on-camera skills through player and coach interviews.

I knew broadcasting for several days in a row without a day off would be tough, and it was. However, I was surprised by how much easier the game-preparation systems I’ve learned through my on-campus involvement at WAER and Z89 made my job. I’m always looking to continue to grow my broadcasting skills, and this was just one step. Specifically, I’m hoping to use some of my on-air material to help me progress to another internship next summer.

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