Anna Hill.

The three weeks I was fortunately able to spend in London was a life-changing experience– quite literally speaking. Before I began my abroad journey, I assumed it would be an adventure filled with personal and professional growth. However, after actually experiencing it and having time to reflect, it has been far more than that. I now plan to move to London post-grad to work full-time with the company I am currently interning for, as they have offices in both Los Angeles and London. I can see myself continuing my life in London and am excited to move back there.

I initially signed up for the course London Museums because I wanted to challenge myself and expand my interests as museums have never really fascinated me. After taking the course, I have a new profound love for art and am able to continue exploring museums in the United States. In a broader sense, I was surprised by the opposite roads, lack of grocery stores, and late sunsets. There are many other little aspects that took me by surprise, but the opposite sides of the roads definitely shocked at the beginning.

As previously mentioned, I plan to continue my life post-grad in London. I immediately fell in love with the city and am excited to see how my life will unfold there. I previously had no ties to London, so it was a little scary moving to a completely new area, but the risk is beyond worth it. After having that little three week tester, I am confident that London is home for my future self.

I would like to thank two people – my mom and Professor James Hicks. After being indecisive about going abroad my junior spring semester, I felt a little uneasy and feared missing out on an amazing opportunity. I was ultimately unable to go abroad for an entire semester because I have too many credits which required me to be on campus in Upstate. Upon research, my mom encouraged me to apply for the three-week summer abroad program as it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to experience living abroad while gaining additional credits. My mom helped me find this opportunity and I am forever grateful to her for that. As for Professor James Hicks, he taught me about a different perspective of art and pushed me to truly understand it. I am now fascinated by museums and have a new profound love for art. Thank you, Professor Hicks.

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