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Honors Alum Returns with Film

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Honors Alum Returns with Film Terry Jones, SU and Honors alum is coming to campus to screen his newest short film and discuss his journey as an Indigenous filmmaker. This event is a collaboration between…

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Race Bias in AI

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Race Bias in AI Honors Senior, Brianna Grine, is hosting a screening of the documentary, “Coded Bias” as part of her thesis project. The film explores the fallout of MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini’s discovery…

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classroom in South Africa, two teachers look on while two young students work at their desks

Information Session

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Information Session Syracuse Abroad is sponsoring a summer program which is connected to the spring Honors class, Education in South Africa and the US. The summer program is Education and Inclusion in Post-Apartheid South Africa,…

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Remembrance Week Schedule

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Repair Syracuse Symposium

Reclaiming a Progressive Faith-Based Vision

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Reclaiming a Progressive Faith-Based Vision Jamie Manson is one of today’s most insightful and informed advocates and commentators for and about the intersections of faith, progressive values, gender, sexuality, and social justice in 21st-century America.…

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Manish Bhardwaj

Honors Welcomes Manish Bhardwaj to Orange Central

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Honors Welcomes Manish Bhardwaj to Orange Central Honors is delighted to host Orange Central Homecoming Coffee and Conversation featuring Dr. Manish Bhardwaj. Bhardwaj will discuss Moral Clarity and the Path to Justice. Dr is a Fellow of…

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Start a Podcast Today

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Start a Podcast Today Be one of ten Honors students who get an introduction to the Audio Lab in the Senses Project. Students will record a demo and learn editing skills in this three hour…

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Picture of a musical instrument made of a can, a wooden dowel and one guitar string--a canjo

Build Your Own Canjo

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Build Your Own Canjo What’s a canjo, you ask? Watch Prof. Zeke Leonard’s Ted Talk, “Playing with Trash” to find out, and then be one of the first nine Honors students to sign up to…

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