Madelin in front of the Tower of London.

This summer, I was able to travel across the UK (Scotland, Wales, Northern England) for 10 days through a course called “Green Britain”. In these 10 days, we explored the interactions between environmental geology, political ecology, and devolution policy. We visited the Principality Stadium, the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, and different types of farms as we learned about different ways to be more environmentally conscious. Additionally, I also had the opportunity to go to London for 3 weeks, where I took a class called Black London. I learned about the African Diaspora in London and the issues that propelled them into Britain, through our visits to different historical landmarks, museums, and Brixton. I was surprised by how immersive both programs were! We got to learn both inside and outside of the classroom. After my time abroad, I am considering living in London for a few years after undergraduate or graduate school.

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