Luke's study abroad group meets with the International Testing Agency to discuss doping in sports.

This summer, I traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland, as a part of the Managing Global Brands of Sport program through the Newhouse School. Throughout the course, our group visited 17 international sports federations and organizations, completed a communications campaign pitch for a sport federation, and curated social media accounts for the program itself. Much of the focus of the course was centered around international sports communications practices and their shifting with new audiences in the digital age. Additionally, we immersed ourselves in international business practices and learned a bit about best practices in intercultural business exchanges. Overall, this opportunity in Lausanne was invaluable to my growth as a student and a person entering the professional world.

I was surprised by the vast differences in business practices between the United States and European and international entities. For example, educational site visits with companies and organizations in the United States often consist of quick, surface-level meetings with staff members. With many of the federations and entities we visited, we were able to spend an incredible amount of time– sometimes hours– with communications officers and even general secretaries over coffee and conversations related to our studies.

As of right now, I do not have any major plans related to the outcomes of my trip to Switzerland. However, since concluding my studies abroad, I have come to appreciate better the idea of international business, specifically in the sports industry. This newly inspired interest has led me to read books about international business and cross-cultural communications. To conclude, while I do not currently have any major projects in mind related to this experience, I know that I am certainly open to any opportunities related to the topics covered in this program.

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