Allison takes a selfie while in Florence.

During my time abroad, I got to immerse myself in two completely new cultures while also learning about the places I was in. Over the summer I went to both London and Florence, taking classes in history and psychology in each place respectively. Outside and during class we were given the opportunity to explore the cities and to learn more about the places in which we were staying. It was very rewarding to be able to explore new places and experience and take note of the cultural differences.

I was not expecting the cities to be so livable– although both are large tourist cities, they were still very easy to get around and to find things to do that weren’t just tourist hot spots.

Being completely on my own abroad has changed my outlook on life. By having complete control over what I had to do and a time separation between all the people I know, it helped me learn how to be productive on my own and not just when I have others to push me.

I had a few days before my flight home after my study abroad program ended, so I went to explore Rome for a couple days. Although it was a whirlwind, it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had. The photo I included is from the first day I got to explore Florence on my own– it was the best day I’d had all week.

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