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The schedule for presentation day is here! To find yourself, use the search tool in the upper right and type your name. The schedule will list your room in HL, your 'panel time' and your 'presentation time'.

Your panel time is the hour in which you are designated to present, and your presentation time is your position within the panel. We expect that you will make every effort to be present for your entire panel. If you cannot be present for the whole hour, you should let us know by emailing

By the morning of April 30th ,for each individual room, a public Zoom link will be provided in the schedule for remote presenters as well as family and friends who wish to join to watch your presentations.

For details on how the day works, see our 'Presentation Day' page here.

About Changes to this Schedule:

All presenting seniors were sent 3 emails with a 10 day window with the opportunity to submit times in which they could not present and their final title. That information was used to create this schedule, which cannot be changed for any reason, so please do not request a change at this point. To attempt a change would adversely impact other students. If you have an emergency or something comes up, email and inquire about a make up presentation time.

If you did not respond to the form by submitting a final thesis title, a generic one has been used that notes your last submitted field of study. Due to the status of the schedule as published, this information also cannot be changed either in the schedule, or the convocation printed program.

An embedded copy of the schedule is below, or you may follow the link above to open in full window.


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