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TFW when you're not sure about your Thesis, but Honors is there to support you.

A thesis in Honors requires the development of 'next level' professional and academic skills.  We are here to help you develop those habits, skills, and attributes that will put you in demand with employers and post-graduate opportunities.  Through the Thesis, Honors can help you ...

  • showcase the quality of your undergraduate work for opportunities after Syracuse.
  • develop tangible organizational, research, and project management skills that employers are seeking in college graduates.

Although each thesis project is unique, your thesis can be broken down into four basic phases of work:  Exploration, DevelopmentImplementation, and Completion.

Overview of the Thesis Process

Steps of a thesis include: Exploration, Development, Implementation, Completion

The Honors Thesis Process Varies by College & Major

No matter your undergraduate program or major, there is a path through the Honors Thesis process for you.  Whether you continue on to graduate school, professional school, or enter the work force, your Thesis is the centerpiece of your professional portfolio.  Regardless of your field of study, your process will follow the general arc of all our projects. Honors will assist you in navigating any exceptions or administrative issues that might arise.

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Past Student Experiences

What better way to learn what a Thesis is like than to hear from alumni about their experiences. We've collected some of our favorites here.