Turn-in Your Thesis

  • Prize-Eligible Deadline: April 14th, 2025

  • Final Deadline: April 21st, 2025

Regardless of which deadline you choose, you are required to go through the editing process prior to final turn-in. More information on that here.

Next, submit your Thesis via our turn-in form:

You will be asked to upload

  1.  Electronic version of your final written Thesis (10 MB limit),
  2. Any supplemental files to be uploaded (10 MB limit)
  3.  or links to large files that exceed the limits above, or supplemental materials (external websites, YouTube videos, Dropbox files etc...)

Additional Materials: Required formats for media:

    • Magazine, photography, or book projects: in addition to the physical magazine or book itself, please provide electronic copies of layouts of magazines etc...in PDF format. For supplemental photos, please provide images in any of the following formats: jpg, gif, png or any format that is accessible to Adobe CS.
    • Videos: submit a link to your video in the turn in form.
    • Audio: please submit a link to where your audio files can be downloaded.

In those instances in which a project cannot be physically submitted (e.g. an art exhibit or website link), you should submit the text portion of your Thesis and provide links in the supplemental section of the turn-in form.

Ready to Submit your Thesis?

Just complete steps 1 - 3 and make sure #4 is already done! If it's not, see your Honors and faculty advisors right away!

  1. Send the approval link to your advisor and reader, and remind them to approve your thesis!


  2. If you aren't already, you need to be registered for a thesis course and receive a B or higher in order to graduate with Honors.