Finalizing Your Thesis

Preparing your project for the final turn-in process involves more than just the final submittal.  There are editing and formatting considerations that you will need to take into account.  The process generally involves three steps:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Format your Thesis

When producing your final version, the first step is formatting your documents appropriately. We've provided formatting templates on the sidebar to your left that will help, but also make sure you read our style-guide to formatting your Thesis. 

Submit to Editor

You'll submit your thesis to our editors for review and feedback. You'll have a week to make any necessary changes. Read more about our editing process here.

Turn in to Honors

After editing, you then  head over to our turn-in page and submit your final thesis to Honors. Visit our turn-in page for more details.

Prize Categories & Eligibility

The "Best Thesis of the Year" in Humanities, Social Science, Science/Engineer, Professional Schools, and "Creative" categories each receive a $500 prize. One of those will be selected for the Orlin Prize for "Outstanding Thesis of the Year" and will receive an additional $1,000. Why not submit yours? All (and only) Thesis projects submitted by the spring prize deadline are eligible.

How do I know what category my thesis is in?

You should have received this information from your thesis coordinator after you submitted your proposal in your junior year. When you first submit your proposal your Honors thesis coordinator will review your project and take into consideration your field of study, advisor, and any interdisciplinary aspects of your project.  Your project will be assigned one of five categories, and if you submit for a prize-eligible deadline, your project will be considered by a committee of faculty with expertise in that disciplinary category.

If you do not know what your prize category is, that's ok too. You can either ask your thesis coordinator or when you turn in your project just select "Not Sure" for your prize category and we'll make sure your project gets assigned to one.

What Next?

When you have decided which turn-in deadline you will follow, make sure you follow that specific editing and turn-in timeline for turning in your project