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Search for Research Ideas

Browsing the published research of faculty members you know is a great way to see if your interests align with theirs.  

Explore Opportunities in your Field

Your undergraduate career will be focused in one of your major fields of study, so that is your starting point.  The first step is to ask questions:

  • What about your chosen major interested you in the first place? 
  • What is a class (or even part of a class) you remember that interested you? 
  • Who has been a professor you 'clicked' with?
  • What are the professors in your school working on?

Next, consider the institution and what it is focused on. To be honest, you will find a faculty advisor much more easily if you start by learning what is currently being researched and written about within your major.


Ideas for Exploration that worked for past students

Syracuse Labs, Centers, & Institutes Directory:

Below we have gathered some of the more known research centers and institutes around campus.  You can use these as a starting point for research and professional opportunities.

Note* before you contact any faculty member, please make sure you read our section on appropriately connecting with a faculty member.

Natural Science & STEM

Below is a compiled list of labs, research centers, and institutes at Syracuse University that you should explore.



Social Sciences



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