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Preview the 499 Form

See what a 499 form looks like. Your PDF document will populate with your answers to our 499 form.

What to know about registering for your thesis course

    • Every Honors student* is required to register for your 'Thesis Course'. This is a course with a catalog #of 499, and the subject prefix of the academic department in which you are doing your project. So if you are doing a thesis in psychology, your course will be 'PSY 499'.
    • You may register for 1 - 3 credits, and you can specify that when you fill out the form.
    • Your faculty advisor is the grader for your course, and you must receive a B or higher to be certified to graduate with Crown Honors.


Special for Distinction Program Students:

If you are completing an Arts & Sciences or Maxwell departmental Distinction program with its own 'distinction course' that is not a '499' catalog number, check our distinction page to see the class in which you should enroll. 

Overview & Timeline of Basic Process

Oct 13th
Oct 15th - Oct 31st
Oct 31st

Generate Form

We will  have student helpers in the suite to help on Friday the 13th! Fill out our online form to generate the registration paperwork for your 499 course. See details below.

Gather Signatures

Don't procrastinate! Get all the required signatures by our deadline! There are instructions on the form for exactly whose signatures you need.

Submit to Honors

Submit your signed form back to Honors for our signature!  Honors will then sign and forward your form to your Dean's office, then the registrar for processing. 

Ready to Generate your 499 form?

Got your Signatures? Submit your signed form for Honors approval and routing.