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Thesis Advising for Faculty

Thank you for your support of excellent students doing excellent work!

First, Honors has a video which introduces new faculty members and refreshes current faculty members regarding our goals and policies for the Honors thesis. The video below should answer most of your questions, but as always please feel free to reach out to us by calling 315-443-2759 or emailing

Below are some basic FAQ's about the duties of a Thesis Project advisor.

The Thesis Project allows students to pursue, in depth, an independent project of the student's own choosing in the major under the close supervision of a faculty advisor. For many students, the project results in a written academic thesis. Some students in professional schools may undertake works of other kinds: engineering projects, works of art, screenplays, performances, documentary films, or architectural designs, for example.

While these Projects provide invaluable preparation for graduate or professional work, students report that the primary rewards are intrinsic: the opportunity to follow one's curiosity, to take ownership of a work and see it through to a successful conclusion, the intellectual and creative pleasure of independent learning, and the invaluable mentorship by one's advisor.

An Honors Thesis Project is expected to go well beyond typical coursework.  It must meet four standards:

  1. it typically must be in the student's major;
  2. it must be worthy of academic credit;
  3. it must involve independent student work extending over more than one semester;
  4. it should address a subject that the student finds compelling.

An Honors Thesis Project need not make an original contribution to the knowledge base of a discipline, although many do.