Browse Past Honors Thesis Projects

Honors maintains a large archive of Honors Theses from the past five years.   Clicking the button below will open the archive in the Airtable application.

    • To narrow your search topically, we've broken them out by disciplinary category to help you focus, so each button will take you to projects for a specific category of project. Keep in mind that a particular major may have thesis projects in more than one category, so make sure you visit and search multiple categories and fields to more fully explore the archive.
    • Next, they are grouped by year, so all the most recent projects are at the top.
    • Finally, in the upper right corner of the Airtable archive there is a free text search tool to help you find any search term in the list.
    • You can also use the filtering options at the top to narrow down fields, or look at projects that certain faculty advisors have mentored.
    • Note: If you have any trouble with Airtable, in the lower righthand corner of the archive, you can download the data set as an Excel file for viewing offline.

Once you've found some projects you want to look at more closely, you can download a copy of the thesis and any associated content from the links provided in the archive.

If you have trouble accessing a project using a link, please drop us an email at and we can usually locate the thesis you're interested in!