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Distinction Process

Completing a Distinction Project as an Honors Thesis

Many departments in A&S offer "Distinction" programs which guide you through a senior thesis. In some cases, that thesis will be your Honors thesis; in other cases your Distinction project will serve as the basis of your Honors thesis. You can search the our archives database to compare the guidelines of your Distinction project with a completed thesis in your field. Some Distinction programs include a research seminar with fellow students to help you get started.

No two Distinction programs are alike, so find out if your major offers one and check it out. Distinction programs provide a great way to complete a thesis , and you graduate both with "Distinction" in the major and with Renée Crown University Honors.  Browse our list of Distinction programs at Syracuse below.

A&S students whose major offers a "distinction" program should discuss this option with their thesis coordinator and faculty advisor in their major.

If you are completing a distinction program, you should register for the thesis  course referenced in the table below.

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