Resources for Thesis Development

Required: Virtual Development Workshop

By the time you make your way through this playlist and answer the little quiz questions, you should have a pretty good idea as to what the general topic of your project is, even if it needs to be narrowed down or focused a bit with your advisor.  This will:

    • show you how to leverage your Honors thesis in the future, regardless of your intended career path
    • walk through the process of developing and completing your thesis in detail
    • provide more information on funding your work and walk through examples of funded theses

Optional: HNR 309 Thesis Development Seminar

Butters and students in the Honors SuiteThe HNR 309 seminar is a 1 credit pass/fail seminar designed to help you organize the resources necessary for successful completion of the thesis, develop your project development and implementation skills, and provide a support network (the instructor and your class) for you during your project.

HNR 309 is not required and there are other ways to get started on your thesis. This is one social and supportive path to thesis success, and building a support network early is an important part of being able to complete a thesis.