Maximilian Kronauer (ArchitecMaximilian Kronauerture ‘17) completed his capstone project entitled Charon’s Passage: A Pyramid for the 21st Century.

Maximilian’s project focuses on the role cemeteries can play in modern day architecture. It postulates whether or not tombs and mausoleums can perform a social role in modern day life.

Funding allowed Maximilian to explore cemeteries of Europe first hand to better understand how places of the dead could interact with the living which he would have been otherwise unable to do.

Reflecting on his experience, Max writes that “the best part of working on the capstone has been the ability to translate what I saw while traveling into the design aspect of the Capstone. Secondly, the capstone has allowed me to research a relatively untouched portion of architecture history, the cemetery, and connect it to contemporary discussions that are unfolding in the School of Architecture.”

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