Yejin Lee holding capstone paper

Yejin Lee researched how to utilize already explored blockchain potentials as a guide to explore and introduce new potentials in blockchain for supply chain in omni-channels. Her Crown Award funding allowed her to attend two very-exclusive conferences, where only top blockchain researchers and leaders congregated. She was not only able to gain insights and research information (not available to the public), but also meet many professionals from Fortune 500 companies.  

Her favorite part of completing her Capstone was taking on its many challenges: crafting the “perfect” idea, submitting drafts on time, finding credible sources and deciding on the ever elusive perfectly succinct, yet specific title. These tasks gave her the opportunity to challenge herself to a greater extent than any other course could have. Her advisor, Patrick Penfield, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Practice in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, played a critical role in helping her develop her project. He was her biggest supporter and cared about her Capstone as much as she did. He provided both honest opinions and and encouragement in the face of doubt.

Her advice to future capstone students: “Do not drop Honors because ‘the Capstone is a lot of work’ or ‘won’t add value to anything.’ Your Capstone is one of the greatest differentiator and asset to your full-time work interview, or graduate school application. The process of completing your Honors Capstone will teach you about work-life balance and how to perfect it.”

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