Honors Program Funding Opportunities

Alec Rovensky in a ceramic lab

The Honors Program is committed to supporting students expand and enhance their academic and professional experiences as undergraduates. Students working on their Honors thesis are eligible to apply for funding of up to $5,000 to offset the expenses associated with thesis completion, and additional support for summer living expenses while working on their project. Beginning this fall semester, the program has expanded funding opportunities for Honors students to include support for internships, study abroad and research assistantships. To learn more about these new opportunities, visit the Honors Funding page.

Honors funding makes it possible for students to take their projects to another level. For instance, Alec Rovensky’s (’21) senior thesis in Architecture, Terra Dispositions, exposes the ecological transformations of territories laced with human agency through examination of residues left by water. Alec notes that “Crown funding has allowed [him] to design an iterative making process that celebrates mishap and learns from itself to create stronger and more interesting work.”

Simran Mirchandani (’21) advises students “to take advantage of the opportunities that Syracuse University and the Renee Crown University Honors Program offer. While many students associate research with beakers and chemicals, undergraduate research work takes many forms and continues to expand.” Simran encourages students to engage in conversations with faculty and peers in their fields early on in their careers, to discover unexpected opportunities.

Visit the Honors funding page for more information about these opportunities and how to apply.

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