Funding & Support 

Funding is a critical factor in determining whether students can achieve their educational goals. The Honors Program grants financial awards to support a broad range of academic and professional goals. These include faculty-led and independent undergraduate research, study and work abroad, unpaid internships, creative projects and other academic activities. These awards provide opportunities for students to engage in research from their first semester to graduation. We encourage students to meet with program staff as first year students, to begin to learn about and apply for these funding opportunities early in their academic careers. If you have any questions about funding opportunities, how to apply, or how to manage your existing grants, please contact Ali Holtzapple at 

Development Grants

About Development Grants

Honors Development Grants provide one-time funding of up to $1,000.00 to Honors students in good standing, to defray the costs of participating in academic conferences and professional development activities. Awards are intended to partially reimburse transportation, lodging, registration and meal expenses.


For research, creative works, conference travel, and professional development activities, applications are accepted on a rolling basis but must be submitted at least one month prior to the travel date.


• Applicants must be matriculated Syracuse University students, in good standing in the Honors Program and must be registered full-time during the semester that the award is granted
• Applicants who are presenting their research or creative work at the conference will be given priority consideration, but students who wish to attend a conference at which they will not be presenting can also apply


Honors Study Abroad Grants

About Study Abroad Grants

Study Abroad grants provide one-time funding of up to $ 1,500.00 to Honors students in good standing with the Honors Program to help defray the costs of participating in study abroad programs. Award funds are primarily meant to lessen travel expenses associated with travelling to and from the study abroad destination. Applicants must meet with their financial aid advisor to discuss any implications the award may have on their financial aid package. Within one month of return from studying abroad, award recipients are required to submit a brief report to the Honors Program that summarizes their study abroad experience. Development grant report forms can be accessed on the second tab on the application form.


The full application, along with the supporting documentation is due on the following dates:

  • April 15 for applicants who will study abroad in the summer or fall semester
  • October 1 for applicants who will study abroad in the spring semester


  • Applicants must be matriculated Syracuse University students, in good standing in the Honors Program and must be registered full-time during the semester that the award is granted.
  • Applicants must show proof that they have applied to a credit-bearing study abroad program. Grant recipients will need to provide proof of acceptance.
  • Prior recipients of the Honors Study Abroad grant are not eligible to apply.

How To Apply

  • Complete your application online that you can access via the link below.


Honors Internship Grants

About Internship Grants

The Honors Internship Award is intended to provide support of up to $3,500 to Honors students engaged in a part- or full-time summer internship or equivalent professional enrichment, which is unpaid or modestly compensated. Modest compensation is understood to mean that the student is not able to meet their living expenses with the stated compensation. The internship or professional experience should align with the student’s academic and/or career interests and be designed to expand their problem solving, critical thinking and creative skills as specified by the employer. Award funds can be used to cover costs that include earning one internship credit that is required by the employer, as well as  travel and living expenses. Award funds can not be used to be used to pay for salaries, tuition for Syracuse University required courses, or major equipment/technology that will become the possession of the applicant at the conclusion of the internship. Priority will be given to internships with strong emphasis on civic engagement, for example, those with not-for-profit and community organizations. Internship experiences that are completed to  fulfill your degree/program requirements are not eligible for an Honors Internship Grant.


The application deadline is June 30th.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.


Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Matriculated Syracuse University students, in good standing in the Honors Program.
  • Continuing student/returning to Syracuse University after the internship experience.
  • Provide evidence of acceptance to the internship program.

Required Supporting Documents

  • Copy of acceptance letter. Note that funds for award recipients will only be disbursed after submission of the acceptance letter.
  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation from a faculty mentor
  • Statement of Purpose (no more than 500 words) that addresses the following prompt:
    • What are your career goals and how will this internship experience enhance your personal, academic, and professional growth?

Honors Thesis Funding

Support for your project

Honors supports a select number of Thesis projects with Crown Awards and Wise-Marcus 50-Year Friendship Awards. Each year we fund approximately 25 projects with up to $5,000 per project.

Additionally, a distinguished Honors alum, Dr. Lynne Parker, has sponsored the Parker Award for Women in Science, which funds a female student's Thesis project in a science field each year.

Funding can make additional research opportunities, materials, or travel available to you, helping you produce an even more impressive final project. Additionally, it's a valuable professional experience: learning to create a budget and argue on behalf of your project prepares you for future grant writing and application processes.

What we fund

  • reimbursement for research materials, supplies and expenses
  • research travel
  • other necessary and reasonable expenses
  • in unusual cases, students may be awarded summer living expenses to work on the project
  • In some cases we’ll reimburse you for expenditures that you’ve already incurred


  • Eligible students include Honors juniors and seniors currently working on Thesis Projects. Occasionally, sophomores who are planning Thesis projects will also be considered
  • You must be in good standing in Honors
  • Your project must have been approved by your faculty Thesis Advisor

The SOURCE – Syracuse Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Engagement

Connect with the SOURCE

Undergraduate research work takes many forms but is characterized by a spirit of inquiry, participation in the active conversation of a scholarly, professional or creative field of study, and guidance by a faculty mentor. Student research and creative projects may be produced by students at all levels in classes, labs, recitals, as part of a distinction or thesis program, or independently.  Participating in undergraduate research helps you apply what you are learning in class, find a mentor, improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and pursue a topic that fascinates you.

SOURCE offers weekly information sessions to help you get started thinking about your participation in research activities and to connect you with the appropriate resources.