Capstone process pathThis was a common cry among students enrolled in HNR 309, “Capstone Project Planning Seminar.”

All the members in the class found an advisor, crafted a topic, and completed their Capstone Proposal. Students said, “I feel much more prepared for the Capstone Project and it no longer feels insurmountable,” and “I am way more informed about the requirements and process. This seminar was really enjoyable and advantageous to my project.”

HNR 309 provides information and structure for students starting out on the daunting journey known as the Capstone. The syllabus breaks the huge project down into manageable pieces, requires students to speak to the most helpful resource people on campus, and creates a community of peers going through the same issues and stumbling blocks. When it’s time to begin your Capstone, take this class!

Students in HNR 309

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