Eid Sweets Gift Boxes

Celebrate the culmination of the holy month of Ramadan by indulging in a variety of sweets representing the multicultural Muslim Ummah! Students will be distributing Eid Sweets for those who donate to mutual aid for families in Palestine, Sudan, and Congo.

In your box, you may choose 3 of the following desserts:

  • Jalebi – spiral shaped fried dough in flavored syrup
  • Soan Papdi – buttery and flaky pastry with cardamom (may contain nuts)
  • Laddoo – ball of mixed fruits, flour, and jaggery
  • Kaju Katli – slice of creamy cashew and cardamom (contains nuts)
  • Chom Chom – sweet chickpea flour dessert

Each box comes with dates, candy, and 3 sweets of your choice. Suggested donation amount is $12, but feel free to donate an amount you are comfortable with. Please use the QR code above or this link to donate and request your box.

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