Honors Grant Funding Opportunities

In the Honors Program we are dedicated to supporting our students in their research endeavors, study abroad, and their overall professional development.  Through our generous donors and supporters, we have the privilege of extending these opportunities to students in the Renée Crown University Honors Program.

  • If you are a student and would like to attend a conference, professional training, or a program that would help you get ahead in your career, consider applying for a Professional Development Grant.
  • If you need summer internship support, you may qualify for an Internship Grant.
  • If you are planning to study abroad and could use some extra funding to help defray travel costs, we encourage you to apply for a Study Abroad grant.

Eligibility & Details

Applicants must be matriculated Syracuse University students, in good standing in the Honors Program and must be registered full-time during the semester that the award is granted.  Please see our advising pages on what 'Good Standing' in Honors means.  We will also evaluate your engagement with the Honors Program in general, and priority is given to students who are active in Honors making progress toward their Honors requirements through classes, civic engagement, and thesis work if above the sophomore level.

All of our grants require students to document that they are confirmed to be participating in the proposed activity, so the application may require you to upload confirmation via a letter, statement, registration, or other mechanism of documentation appropriate to the type of grant.

Grant Limits

Each grant we offer has a maximum amount that you can apply for.

  • The Professional Development grant limit is $1,000
  • The Internship Grant limit is $3,500
  • The Abroad Grant limit is $1,500

Our applications will ask you to submit a summarized cost estimate, so please keep these limits in mind when you are applying.

Additional Requirements

Each grant awardee is required to submit a 'Grant Award Report' upon completion of their activity.  The report asks you experiential and reflective questions about your experience, and allows you to upload photos of your choice.  These are eligible to be published on our website as blog posts, and they are shared with our generous donors who support students.  It is also inspirational to future students to read about, and learn from, other students' experiences.

You can find examples of these grant award reports as blog posts on these funding pages.