About Internship Grants

The Honors Internship Grant provides support of $3,500 to Honors students engaged in a part- or full-time summer internship or equivalent professional enrichment, which is unpaid or modestly compensated. Modest compensation is understood to mean that the student is not able to meet their living expenses with the stated compensation. The internship or professional experience should align with the student's academic and/or career interests and be designed to expand their problem solving, critical thinking and creative skills as specified by the employer. Award funds are intended to defray travel and living expenses. Internship experiences that are completed to fulfill your degree/program requirements are not eligible for an Honors Internship Grant.


The application deadline is June 20th. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

*Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered on a rolling basis, and funding may be delayed.


Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Matriculated Syracuse University students, in good standing in the Honors Program. Read more about the standards here.
  • Evidence of acceptance to the internship program.
  • Budget with estimated costs of living expenses.
  • Prior recipients of the Honors Internship Grant are not eligible to apply.

Funding Process

  • Honors will review your application and supporting documents.
  • Grant awards impact financial aid packages. Before funding, we will work with the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of the grant award.
    Depending on your estimated budget, Honors will award you up to the full amount of $3,500.
  • Upon award, Honors will request the release of the funds. The central budgeting office will process the deposit of your funds to your Bursar account. This process may take 2-3 weeks.

    • Funds will not be released until you provide consent to the terms and conditions of the Honors grant.

  • Come back and fill out a grant report form telling us all about it. This is a required step and is easy to do. We provide this information to our generous donors, and it also helps us maximize opportunities for other students.

    • See other students' Internship grant reports to the right. This is where yours will be posted!

Ready to Submit your Grant Report?

Submit your grant report at the link to the right.  The questionnaire will ask you open ended questions about your experience and your grant.   Honors will be publishing your report as a post to this website, and also sharing with our donors who provide these grants.  You can browse the posts here on the right as examples of how you will want to answer the questions in the report questionnaire.

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Gianna Frank

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Nathan Bobeck

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Sara Schreiber

Through the support of the Honors Abroad Grant, I was able to travel to Florence,…

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Madison Roberts

Through the Honors Professional Development Grant I was able to attend and present at the…

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