Honors is Hiring!

Honors is Hiring!

Position: Student Front Desk Associate

Start: immediately

Reports to: Maya Falkner-Guidice


Liaison between Honors faculty, staff and students in all of the tasks and duties related to the front desk receptionist duties..

  • Greet students, staff, faculty and other visitors to Honors suite
  • Sign in and direct students who arrive for scheduled or drop-in advising
  • Assist with tasks relative to event planning
  • Answer phones and appropriately direct messages to staff and faculty; manage Honors inbox and delegate messages to respective staff
  • Assist with tasks associated with maintaining a vibrant and active Honors website, digital monitor, social media channels, and newsletters.
  • Monitor and maintain student lounge and classrooms as needed
  • Report to Administrative Specialist for other duties as assigned


  • Must be an Honors sophomore or junior.
  • Must be able to work Tuesday/Thursday 3pm-5pm.
  • General office skills and ability to work independently a must.
  • Proficient in Outlook, MS Word, PowerPoint and able to transfer and triage calls.
  • We will accept the first 50 applications and make our decision amongst this group of 50 students. The form will turn off and will not accept applications after we have received 50!

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