HNR 340: Living with Others

How do we live with others? (And who are “we”?) How might we live with others differently? In our course, we’ll explore these and related questions. We’ll explore our responses to them and our responses’ ethical and political implications. We’ll do so across disciplines, reading and discussing works from anthropology, philosophy, and science studies. That will lead us to reconsider things like ecology, diversity, and inclusivity in new ways, and without our often unquestioned humanistic privilege.  View more details about this listing on the courses website.


William RobertWilliam Robert is associate professor of religion and affiliate faculty in women’s and gender studies, LGBTQ studies, and medieval and Renaissance studies. He teaches and writes about intersections: of religion and performance, of ethics and politics, of humans and nonhumans, of humanities and other disciplines. His recent courses include We Animals, Religion and Its Critics, Performing Religion, and Transgression.

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