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The weekend in question is expected to be at the peak of the Adirondack fall colors. If the weather obliges, this will be magnificent. We’ll be driving to the Adirondacks, most likely Inlet, and then hiking up Black Bear Mountain. This will be semi-strenuous, but as long as you’re not totally unfit, you can easily do it! You should also have strong footwear: hiking boots are obviously the best, whereas sneakers are not a particularly good idea, especially if it rains/has been raining. I look forward to your company. This is first-come, first-served, so reserve a space now! And please note, reserving a space means you are *committed* to attending, not just thinking about it. Space is limited to 11 students!

Saturday, September 27: leave campus at 8:30 AM and get back mid-afternoon. 

Space is limited to 11 students.

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