Honors student Stanislav Nedzelskyi (AR ’16) is passionate about dance. A leader in the campus dance clubs, Stanislav is hoping to join members of the Honors community at the events sponsored by the University’s Swing and Ballroom Dance Clubs.

The Swing Dance Club now hosts dances at the Inn Complete every second Saturday of the month (whenever school is in). These are 8pm-12am and bring in a wide variety of dancers from on and off campus. Additionally, the clubs go downtown to social dances every week and provide carpooling. Participating is a great way to meet and make new friends.

Ballroom and Swing practices have also been opened up, with skilled outside instructors visiting from time to time (including Steve Ryan!). These are 7-9 pm Tuesdays swing and 8-10 pm Thursdays ballroom, Archbold and Flanagan gyms respectively. All events are completely free and open, require no experience or partner, and are great ways for Honors students to wind down on evenings and weekends.

Dance night at the Inn Complete

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