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Vicky BickelIt is with mixed feelings that we announce the departure of our own Vicky Bickel from the Honors program.  Vicky has decided to relocate to the Richmond, Virginia area to be closer to her family and new granddaughter.  Her last day with the Honors program will be Friday November 9th.  We could write at length about all the ways she will be missed, but we decided to let the staff speak for themselves about the impact Vicky has had on them and the program.  So here goes…

“As one of Vicky’s former student employees and current colleagues, I have had the privilege of experiencing so much with her. It is difficult to imagine an Honors Program without Vicky, but I am proud that I can now bid farewell and say “see you soon” not to my boss or my coworker, but my friend.” Gerard McTigue – Budget Manager & Special Projects Coordinator

“During the semesters when I was only teaching one course on campus, I wondered, “Do I fit in here anymore?” It was always Vicky’s cheery hello and welcoming presence in Honors that helped me feel that I did. I know I can speak for everyone, students, staff and instructors, when I say how much Vicky will be missed; she has brought a sunny spot of humanness to our home.”  Karen Hall – Assistant Director – Academic Advising & Civic Engagement

”  I have often marveled at Vicky’s ability and willingness to encourage students, and her dedication to the well-being of her work-study students.   Her cheer and spirit have left a positive impression on all of us as she moves on to the next phase of life.  She will be missed!”  Blythe Scherrer – Assistant Director – Information Systems

“We will deeply miss Vicky’s commitment to students, the great cheer and warmth she brought to the office every day, and wonderful organizational skills, and her marvelous artistic talents.  We wish all the best for her!” Eric  Holzwarth – Deputy Director

“We watch Vicky go with such mixed feelings:  Delight that she will have a wonderful new job near her children and grandchildren, and sorrow at losing such a key member of the Honors team.”  Hanna Richardson – Associate Deputy Director

“Vicky’s humor, warmth, and support has shaped the Honors Program into the welcoming “home” that it is for all of us.”  Kate Hanson – Assistant Director Scholarship Preparation & Academic Advising


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