Call for Submissions

Honors students! Submit your work for a new journal of scholarly work by Honors undergraduates.

The journal will be edited, designed, and published by fellow Honors students in the fall 2023 semester through the new HNR 340 course Producing a Scholarly Journal.

A few important guidelines:  

  • Submissions are open to Honors students and students who have been funded by the SOURCE. 
  • Articles should involve original work in any discipline, completed in the 2022–23 academic year.
  • Each submission needs to be supported by a faculty recommendation. 
  • Submissions should be short—as a general guideline, under 1,500 words. We are unable to consider thesis-length work.
  • Overall, we are seeking work that is accessible to those with other academic specialties.

In the fall semester, a student editorial staff will review and select submissions, and then work with the authors to help prepare the articles for publication.

Submit now using the form below (click here to open it in a new window).

If you have questions, email project advisor Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers: 

Honors students who submit their work to the journal can log one civic engagement hour. Students whose work is published can receive up to ten hours of civic engagement (including the one hour for submitting).

For requesting credit, use this form. The supervisor is Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers,

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