Wagner Featured in Forbes magazine and podcast

Renowned historian Dr. Sally Wagner teaches for Honors.

Dr. Sally Wagner was recently interviewed in the Forbes article, “Women’s Equality Day 2022: What Women’s Fight for Voting Rights Can Teach Us Today.” Forbes author Holly Corbett examines progress in women’s right since the suffragist movement in issues such as the right to vote, equal pay, and reproductive justice. “Look at the direction we’ve come from and the repression of women in the 19th century when women were considered dead in the law once they married; they had no legal existence,” says Sally Roesch Wagner, founder of the Matilda Joslyn Gage Center for Social Justice Dialogue.

Wagner was also featured in the podcast “Breaking the Bias,” hosted by Consciously Unbiased. In the podcast, Wagner shares the untold stories of the women’s suffrage movement, and analyzes what it means today. The podcast is also available on Spotify.

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