Gorovitz Engages in Efforts to Support Ukraine

Professor of Philosophy Sam Gorovitz teaches for Honors.

Sam Gorovitz, former dean of Arts and Sciences and longstanding faculty for Honors, is arduously engaging in efforts to support Ukraine. Dr. Gorovitz has contributed to raising funds, purchasing a surveillance drone. Conversing in real time with soldiers and medical professionals, Gorovitz has helped muster many tons of hospital supplies for specific hospitals that were confirmed received, along with the drone. Gorovitz, whose advice on health policy has been widely sought, provided pro bono assistance to the Defense Department counsel in an effort to attain proper medical care for an ailing detainee who’s been at Guantanamo for 20 years and restricted from receiving the care to which he is legally entitled.

Dr. Gorovitz teaches “Linked Lenses: Science, Philosophy, and the Pursuit of Knowledge” and “Beautiful Minds” for the Honors Program.

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