Prof Brown Moderates Critical Fat Studies Seminar

portrait Harriet Brown
Professor Harriet Brown, Newhouse

Harriet Brown, Professor, Magazine, News & Digital Journalism and Co-Director, Fashion & Beauty Communcations Milestone, is moderating the next virtual seminar featured in this year’s Critical Fat Studies seminar series. The seminar, “Critical Fat Studies: From the Academy to the Community” brings Esther Rothblum, editor of the Fat Studies Journal, and Joy Cox, author of Fat Girls in Black Bodies to campus (virtually). Each will give a presentation and then they’ll do Q & A together.

The seminar will be held on March 4, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Participants may attend any part or all of the seminar, but must register in advance here: Newhouse Events. This is the second part to the series of seminars put together by Professors Anni Bellows (Falk) and Harriet Brown on a CUSE grant. Evan Weissman (Falk) was also part of the original grant and project. The event is co-sponsored by The Newhouse School, The Department of Nutrition and Food Studies in Falk College, and the Fat Studies Working Group. Brown is teaching “COM 300: Fat and Feminism” for the Honors program this spring semester. The course examines the intersecting frameworks of weight and feminism through the lens of media.

photo of author Joy Cox
Joy Cox, author of Fat Girls in Black Bodies

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