Honors Welcomes New Students

58 new students, 57 cities of origin!
The Renée Crown University Honors Program welcomes our newest members. Fifty-eight students joined our program in January, 2022. Their places of origin span the globe; from Skaneateles Falls to Saint Paul to San Paulo to Shanghai and beyond. Their emerging research interests include the “impact of China’s economic industries and recent changes in fertility policies on women’s labor force participation”, and pursuit to better understand how people with autism perceive the world. A student majoring in film expressed the potential for their own creative work to be inspired by a class lecture featuring Ephraim Asili, producer of the 2020 film The Inheritance. These students show a passion for service; we are privileged to be joined by a student who guided The Food Network’s initiative to recover seven tons of food, donated to the local community in the fall semester.

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