Congratulations to 22 Honors students who have been chosen to receive Crown Award funding in support of their Honors Thesis projects!

A picture of Jazmine Richardson in the lab
Jazmine Richardson: The Development of an Open Source Turbidostat Towards Low-Cost, Parallel Expression of Multiple Labeled Mutants

If you are thinking about starting your Honors Thesis and want to know more about receiving support, head over to our Research & Funding page to find out more. To view all past Crown Award winners, see our archives here.

Adam Sperling Public Communications Television, Radio, and Film Think Again: An Elimination Social Strategy Game Show Olivia Stomski
Ava Breitbeck Arts & Sciences Physics, Political Science How Trust In Scientists Impacts Compliance with Their Recommendations Emily Thorson
Dara Jin Architecture Architecture Woven Tensions: Chinatown Contestations In Cyrildene South Africa Joseph Godlewski
Denise Magny Arts & Sciences Biology, Public Health Utilizing the CRISPR-Cas13d System to Investigate Centrosome Organization in Early Zebrafish Embryos Heidi Hehnly
Donyell Logan Arts & Sciences Medicinal Chemistry Novel Alkaline Earth Metal Tetraarylborate Pyrazolates Karin Ruhlandt
Erik Bakken Architecture Architecture Recoupling Building and Ecology Through Wood: Learning from Sustainable Silviculture and Architecture in Boreal Forests David Shanks
Hong Beom Lee Arts & Sciences Physics, Math Effects of Ionic Strength in Microtubule Tactoid Formation Jennifer Ross
Horit Sophia Perida Arts & Sciences History; English & Textual Studies Ingesting Indigenous Ingenuity: Histories of Food, Power, and Politics in the U.S. and Italy Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn
Jazmine Richardson Arts & Sciences African American Studies & Biotechnology The Development of an Open Source Turbidostat Towards Low-Cost, Parallel Expression of Multiple Labeled Mutants John Franck
Julia Chou Architecture Architecture,Women’s and Gender Studies Architectural Solidarities: Enacting Accessibilities on the Syracuse University Campus David Shanks
Katrina Abad Architecture Architecture In Living Memory: Investigating the Informal Settlement of the Manila North Cemetery Yutaka Sho
Kyra Birenbaum Falk College Human Development and Family Science The Impact of Ability Status on Perception of Parenting Matthew Mulvaney
Lawrence Boyer Architecture Architecture Delaminating the Real Lawrence Chua
Lia Figurelli Arts & Sciences Psychology, Sociology Attachment Orientations in Adopted Adults Leonard Newman
Louis Smith Arts & Sciences Biology and Citizenship & Civic Engagement The role of insulin signaling in mouse primordial follicle formation Melissa Pepling
Madeline Jones Engineering & Computer Science Bioengineering and Neuroscience Nerve Regeneration at the Cribriform Plate for Olfactory Nerve Damage Julie Hasenwinkel
Madison Roberts Falk College Human development and family science  Comparison of Rural/Non-Rural Parent Perceptions of Substance Use Harm and Conversation Strategies with Teenage Children Matthew Mulvaney
Mason Malsegna Architecture Architecture Cultural Adaptation of Sea Level Rise and Flooding – Mekong River Delta & Mississippi River Delta Nina Sharifi
Rohan Popenoe Arts & Sciences International Relations, Economics Chile: Constitutionalism and Exceptionalism Gladys McCormick
Shiori Green Architecture Architecture  Living in Liminal Space: Marshallese Diasporas in Hawaii and Arkansas Kyle Miller
Simone Bellot Arts & Sciences Communication Sciences & Disorders and Neuroscience The Development of Morphosyntax and Vocabulary of Bahamian Creole English Speaking Preschoolers Stephanie McMillen
Taylor Fein Falk College Nutrition Science Effects of Hydration Status on Sleep Duration/Quality Among Healthy Adults Jessica Garay

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