About Thesis Funding

The Honors Program supports a select number of Thesis projects with Crown Awards and Wise-Marcus 50-Year Friendship Awards.   Each year we fund approximately 25 projects with up to $5,000 per project.

Additionally, a distinguished Honors alum, Dr. Lynne Parker, has sponsored the Parker Award for Women in Science, which funds a female student's Thesis project in a science field each year.

Funding can make additional research opportunities, materials, or travel available to you, helping you produce an even more impressive final project. Additionally, it's a valuable professional experience: learning to create a budget and argue on behalf of your project prepares you for future grant writing and application processes.

What we fund

  • reimbursement for research materials, supplies and expenses
  • research travel
  • other necessary and reasonable expenses
  • in unusual cases, students may be awarded summer living expenses to work on the project.
  • In some cases we’ll reimburse you for expenditures that you’ve already incurred.


Thesis Student with advisors

CCE Capstone seniors Neha Rauf and Seth Quam with mentors Pete Wilcoxen and Kate Canada

 Laura Marsolek 16'


Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for Applying

New in the 2020/2021 Application Cycle:

Note: Beginning Fall 2020, Honors students applying for thesis funding must submit An Intent to Apply form – you can access the link in the application guide embedded below.

Read the application guide below thoroughly and be sure you understand your eligibility, and the process.

  • The Intent to Apply link is at the end of this guide.
  • Once your Intent to Apply is accepted, you will be sent a link to begin your funding application.

Contact Naomi Shanguhyia (nyshangu@syr.edu) in the Honors office, or Kate Hanson (khanso01@syr.edu ) in the Office of Undergraduate Research (SOURCE) with any questions you may have about this process.


Past Funding Application Examples

We've uploaded a few examples  of successfully funded applications for you to use as a reference in preparing your Crown applications

Application Example #1


Application Example #2
Application Example #3

Past Thesis Funding Winners

Below are Honors thesis projects by students who have won funding through Honors, or via a Source grant