Honors Hosts Annual Research Fair

Students shared the process behind their senior thesis projects.

On a beautiful Friday kicking off Family Weekend, Honors hosted the annual student Research Fair in the Bowne Hall 3rd Floor Atrium, where a hearty to-go lunch was served. Research is a critical part of the Honors experience, and 18 seniors in the Honors Program devoted their time with juniors and first-year students to explain their thesis projects and share their individual journeys. The annual fair exposes first-year students to research early in their academic careers, to plant seeds that we expect will blossom throughout their lives. The fair cultivates learning so that students have the capacity to synthesize information and to produce unique research. The aim is for students to discover their own niches and contribute their work to solving complex problems facing humanity.  Presentations spanned a wide range of disciplines across many schools and colleges.

Honors is grateful to the following students for highlighting their fantastic thesis projects:

First Name Last Name Thesis field Working TitleFaculty Advisor
Connor Johnson Acting/Communications Bid DayRicky Pak
Victoria Hathaway Bioengineering Neonatal and Pediatric minimally invasive portable kidney dialysis machinePun To Yung
Mary Ross Biology The Role of Daf-12 in the Regulation of Osm-9 in C. ElegansSarah Hall
Nathena Murray Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Designing New Biomaterials using Lipid-dated Disordered ProteinsShikha Nangia
Devon Drabick History Spanish Conquest of the Americas was not Inevitable: Marronage as Resistance in Hispaniola 1492-1612Tessa Murphy
Elizabeth Barash Political Science Analyzing Voter Information, Political Socialization, Participation and Engagement of Formerly Incarcerated Individuals in Vermont Shana Gadarian
Daniel Nagle Sport Analytics Analyzing Formula 1 Driver PairsRodney Paul
Caroline Whinney Real Estate & Finance Keller Williams Internship ExperienceThomas Barkley
Taylor Drabick Biology Val66Met Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Single Nucleotide Polymorphism: Implications for Learning and MemoryDonna Korol
Claire Bandet Biology Microbial Associations and Nitrogen Fixation of SwitchgrassMark Ritchie
David Williams Education Policy & Technology Transforming Education: A Digital Toolkit for SuccessAustin Zwick
Bridget Essing Forensic Science Quantification of Secondary Transfer of Touch DNAMichael Marciano
Amanda Paule Magazine, News, and Digital Journalism Visualizing 81: Revisiting Syracuse’s Inner-City Highway and 15th Ward Melissa Chessher
Rosalyn Impink Policy Studies Crisis Management: Public Administration through the COVID-19 Pandemic in Massachusetts MunicipalitiesAustin Zwick
Gretchen Coleman Political Science Understanding Political Trust among Youth and Implications for the Electoral ProcessTina Nabatchi
Aparajita Rao Psychology Restrictive Behaviors as a Predictors of Anxiety in Autistic Children, Adolescents, and Young AdultsNatalie Russo
Megan Willkens Public Health Malaria Control with pyrethroids and cognitive deficits in pre-school children in sub-Sarahan AfricaDavid Larsen
SophiaPeridaHistoryIngesting Indigenous Ingenuity: Histories of Food, Power and Policies in the U.S. and ItalyElisabeth Lasch-Quinn

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