Honors Students Participate in Summer Research

Christopher Harvey at the SOURCE Research Symposium

This past summer, many Honors students conducted research, both on-campus and off-campus, under the mentorship and guidance of faculty members in their respective disciplines. In August, 32 Honors students presented their research at research symposia hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement (SOURCE) and the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) offices . This year’s symposia included virtual presentations, as well as in-person poster presentations in Bird Library. The research projects included diverse fields of study, including majors in STEM, social sciences, and humanities. Please see below for the list of all Honors students who presented at this year’s symposia, the titles of their research projects and their faculty mentors.

Most of the summer research participants received funding from the Honors Program, the SOURCE, LSAMP and Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE). LSAMP supports students from underrepresented communities who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields. This year, Honors students Valkyrie Hardy (Neuroscience) and Michelle Shanguhyia (Medical Chemistry and Forensic Science) received LSAMP support. WiSE promotes the recruitment and advancement of women in STEM fields. Honors students Catherine Campbell (Medicinal Chemistry and Physics), Elizabeth Cultra (Environmental Engineering), and Michelle Shanguhyia (Medicinal Chemistry and Forensic Science) received WiSE support for their summer research.

Congratulations to all the student researchers and their mentors!

List of 2021 Summer Research Participants

FirstLastTitle of Project / Field of StudyFaculty Mentor(s)Funding TypeSymposium
SamanthaArmstrongHistone demethylases JMJ16 and JMJ18 negatively regulates Systemic Acquired Resistance in Arabidopsis thalianaProf. Ramesh RainaSOURCESOURCE
ClaireBandetSwitchgrass as a BiofuelProf. Mark RitchieHonors Program AwardSOURCE
AlanaBarkerDefining Immersive Theatre: Past, Present, and Future ImplicationsProf. Don BuschmannHonors Program AwardSOURCE
CatherineCampbellCharacterization of the SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid ProteinProf. Alaji BahHonors Program Award/WiSESOURCE
BritnieCarpentierThe thermal response of Elastin-like PolypeptidesProf. Shikha NangiaSOURCESOURCE
NancyChamImproving extraction and quantitation methods of mitragynine in urine samplesProf. Ulrich EnglichSOURCESOURCE
MatthewCufariEccentric Tidal Disruption EventsProf. Eric CoughlinSOURCESOURCE
ElizabethCultraUsing Real Time Data for Engineering EducationProf. Cliff DavidsonHonors Program Award/WiSESOURCE
ElenaFiglerEvaluating the Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Nutrient Treatments on Native and Invasive Yellowstone GrassesProf. Katie BecklinHonors Program AwardSOURCE
KinleyGaudetteParents’ Voices: Lead Poisoning in SyracuseProf. Maureen ThompsonSOURCESOURCE
ValkyrieHardyNeuroscienceProf. Natalie RussoLSAMPLSAMP
ChristopherHarveyHarmful Algal Bloom and Nutrient Relationships in Skaneateles LakeProf. Charles DriscollHonors Program AwardSOURCE
AbigailJohnsonInvestigating in utero vitamin D supplementation to prevent Rett syndrome phenotypes in Mecp2-mutant miceProf. Jessica MacDonaldSOURCESOURCE
KaylieKlotzUnderstanding the Kinetics of the Post-Synthetic Halide Exchange of Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite 2D NanoplateletsProf. Mathew Maye, ChemistryHonors Program AwardSOURCE
DonyellLoganAn In-Depth Approach towards the Synthesis and Characterization of Alkaline Earth Metal TetraarylboratesProf. Karin Ruhlandt, ChemistrySOURCESOURCE
SamMcClinticCharacterizing Tree Demography, Microclimate, and Soil Conditions of Adirondack TimberlinesProf. Liviu Movileanu & Prof. Martin DovciakHonors Program AwardSOURCE
JennaMerryThe Salton SeaProf. Hannibal NewsomSOURCESOURCE
CheyeneMuenzelA.I. and Autopsy: Determining Cause of Death Using Machine LearningProf. Jonathan AdelmanHonors Program AwardSOURCE
TenzinNorzinDiversification of Copulatory Courtship Behavior in Genus DrosophilaProf. Scott PitnickHonors Program AwardSOURCE
NinaPiazzaThe SLA Researcher’s Dilemma: Assessing ProficiencyProf. Amanda BrownSOURCESOURCE
AnastaciaPuertasModern Utility FashionProf. Alex Mendez-GinerHonors Program AwardSOURCE
AparajitaRaoCurrent and Previous Restricted and Repetitive Behavior as a Predictor of Anxiety in Young Autistic PeopleProf. Natalie RussoSOURCESOURCE
MaryRossThe Role of DAF-12/NHR in Regulating C. Elegans Environment Sensing through osm-9/TRPVProf. Sarah HallHonors Program AwardSOURCE
AprilSantanaVaccine HesitancyProf. Glyn MorganSOURCESOURCE
MaggieSardinoHistory of Pioneer HomesProf. Elizabeth KamellSOURCESOURCE
MichelleShanguhyiaLentiviral Transduction: Creating Stable HEK293 Cell Lines to Produce Serotonin Proteins for Drug ResearchProf. Rachel SteinhardtSOURCE/WiSE/LSAMPSOURCE/LSAMP
ThomasShawA cross-sectional study of trauma and adult attachment security: A mid-study progress reportProf. Brittany JakubiakHonors Program AwardSOURCE
ErinSheffieldPolicy Solutions for Bridging the Digital Divide in SyracuseProf. Austin ZwickSOURCESOURCE
DinaSilvestriAre Genes known to be Involved in Schizophrenia Involved in Early Life Neural Cell DifferentiationProf. Richard KoppSOURCESOURCE
JoannaVinesParents’ Voices: Lead Poisoning in SyracuseProf. Maureen ThompsonSOURCESOURCE
IonaVolynetsThe Ethics of the COVID-19 PandemicProf. Glyn MorganSOURCESOURCE
ElizabethWallSynthesis of post-spinel compounds for calcium ion battery cathodesProf. Ian HoseinHonors Program AwardSOURCE

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