Honors Welcomes New Students

On Sunday February 7, the Honors program hosted a virtual welcome event for 54 new honors students. Many are first year students in their second semester at Syracuse University, while a few are sophomores.

Collectively, this group of new Honors student is quite accomplished. They are involved in research projects that include examining the severity of the coronavirus compared to the common cold, designing climate change mitigation strategies, and exploring 3D printing organs.

Their community service includes tutoring middle school students in math and science and starting a food delivery business. They are proficient in Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and other languages. Many have demonstrated a passion for integrating knowledge of complex human issues with a deepened understanding of peoples whose values and cultures are, in many ways, different from your own. We are excited about their potential and are confident that they will thrive in the Honors program.

Welcome to the Honors Community!

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