HNR 220: Honors Leadership Seminar

In this course juniors and seniors will examine their own ideas, ethical thinking and values about leadership, and how these ideas and values can influence their attitudes and behaviors. Students will explore how they, as emerging professionals, can develop innovative leadership strategies that promote creativity, innovation and professional success for everyone in their professional work environments.  The students will develop their professional and leadership skills, think about their personal and professional goals, and consider how they can best relate to those who are leaders for them. This discussion-based seminar emphasizes experiential learning through exercises that focus on leadership development. Guest speakers will lead discussions on diverse leadership topics throughout the semester. See this listing in detail on the course web site.

Danielle Smith portrait

Professor Danielle Smith earned a BA in Russian Studies from Dartmouth College, an MBA from Saint Martin’s College and a PhD in Sociology from the University of South Carolina, Columbia. In 2016, she served as an ERASMUS+ Scholar at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Social Work at Liepaja University, Latvia.

Dr. Smith served as Director of the Honors Program at Rochester Institute of Technology from 2009 to 2018, where her capacities included teaching and curriculum development. Her coursework focuses on global public health, environmental sustainability and issues of social justice and human rights.

Her core research areas include refugee migration and resettlement, reconciliation and reconstruction in post-conflict societies, and disaster response and management, with particular focus on Africa and its diasporas. Dr. Smith has presented her work nationally and globally. Her research and writings have been published in scholarly journals including Journal of Health and Social Policy, Global Public Health, Economic Development Quarterly, Development and Society, Journal of Black Studies and Liberian Studies Journal.

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