The beginning of freshman year is almost here, and the Renée Crown University Honors Program is honored Image result for laughing emojito have you. As you start begin this chapter chapter of your life, you’ll have to face new challenges and adapt to a whole new environment. There is an entire network of people excited to meet and help you through this transition – part of that network being the current Honors students.

Here are some reflections from current Honors students on what surprised them the most during  their first semester of college:

“I have yet to encounter anyone (student, professor, TA) that has not been willing to help me.”
“How independent I can be”
“You can’t do everything, but you can do most things.”
“I was surprised with how many people that I know and run into daily.”
“The experience of college has taught me more about myself than anything else in my life.”
“How heavy the doors at Syracuse are”
“How much school spirit students have here”
“The strong sense of love and acceptance on campus”
“Everyone has a different history and perspective that is really interesting.”
“How non-stop college life is – There is always something going on (usually multiple things) around campus”
“Syracuse has become my home. My friends are now like my family and are my support system.”
“How fast the time actually goes by – The time from the start of classes to midterms was frighteningly short (at least perceptively).”

Freshman year will fly by faster than you know, and our honors students want to help you make the most of it. Here is some of the advice that they wish they had heard for their first semester of college:

“Relax! Take time for yourself – utilize the Honors lounge.”
“Say ‘hi’ to everyone you can. You never know what kind of friendship may evolve from a small interaction.”
“Talk to both your Honors and home college advisors to understand the requirements.”
“Don’t be scared to do things by yourself. You’ll make friends along the way.”
“Enjoy all the free food opportunities.”
“Take it easy on yourself. Self-care is just as important as academic success.”
“Keep your room clean. Knock on people’s doors; they’ll usually be home. Don’t eat alone unless you have tons of work.”
“Get involved, but only pick a couple of things so as not to get overwhelmed. Pick something that’s different and something that’s comfortable.”
“Don’t stress about the letter grades; you produce way better work that way.”
“Use the time in-between classes to the fullest advantage. Even thirty-minute intervals can be extremely productive if used correctly.”
“Find friends outside your floor.”
“Get off campus. It becomes a bubble, so it can be really easy to let a semester go by and feel like you haven’t seen the city.”
“Honors is a great way to mingle outside of your major with people who are just as dedicated and intellectual as you. They are a resource.”
“Explore campus for yourselves. There are a lot of great ‘hidden’ places.”
“Take advantage of every cultural opportunity in the city of Syracuse, as well as on campus.”
“Explore your interests and get involved with as many diverse groups as you can. You never know where you might find your passion.”
“Try to find something enjoyable or meaningful in all of your work.”
“Read your textbooks! They’re hundreds of dollars for a reason!”
“Take courses that are truly interesting, not ‘easy’ or ‘hard’ courses.”
“The first month of adjustment will not be the easiest thing ever, but it gets better, and there are many people (students and professors) around to help along the way. You’re not alone.”
“Do not deny your passion. Speak boldly.”
“Explore, adventure, say ‘yes.’”
“Be open to the change that comes with college. I cannot stress this enough.”

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