Prof. Bill Peace hugging the head of his black lab support dog, Kate. Bill is seated in his chair, wearing a blue shirt, hair pulled back in pony tail, he is smiling.We are sad to share with our community that our friend and teacher, Prof. Bill Peace died Tuesday, July 2nd. He was with his partner and son.

Prof. Peace taught two popular and influential classes in Honors, “Body Art and Modification” and “From Prenatal Testing to Alzheimer’s: Issues in Bioethics and Disability”. In the description of the latter class, Prof. Peace wrote, “Some bioethicists believe disability studies has little to offer health care professionals. Disability studies scholars counter that health care settings are dangerous for vulnerable populations, a fact bioethicists have failed to acknowledge.” Dozens of Honors students who have or will go onto medical school will be more compassionate and knowledgeable physicians for having taken his class.

Rest in power, Prof. Peace

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