All writing will eventually reach a reader.  Thus, good writers learn to keep their audience in mind as they write and revise. (Successful writers revise.) Such writers know the importance of feedback—they seek out readers and ask for opinions. They solicit advice on what is interesting and what is not. They choose readers who can give a very critical, stringent read of their work. A serious writer considers him or herself lucky if the reader is someone greatly admired or professional, with wisdom to impart. Successful writers want their writing to be at the peak of its potential. An outside reader gives us perspective on our writing that we can’t attain alone. You are lucky to have free resources at SU via the Writing Center, and your own Honors Writing Consultant, a professional writer and college instructor, at your disposal. Seek out my feedback; I will be a sounding board for your ideas, a reader who can point you in the right direction, and a critical scholar who can show you where your work needs development.

-Emily Luther

Emily Luther, the Honors Writing Consultant, can be reached via email any time for an appointment:


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