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Students who took “Inside the Words and Music” last fall with Jeffery Pepper Rodgers had a chance to do archival research and create 90 seconds of music history.

90 seconds? Yes, that’s how long a Sound Beat segment lasts. Sound Beat is a daily show that highlights holdings of the Belfer Audio Archive, a part of the Syracuse University Libraries and one of the largest sound archives in the United States.

Go listen to a recording from the Archive and the back story detailing its place in recording history written by one of your fellow Honors students:

March 7th – “Whatever Lola Wants” co-written by Kate Capodanno

March 8th – “Happy Days are Here Again” co-written by Christina Reid

March 9th – “25 Minutes to Go” co-written by Josh Daghir

March 10th – “Hang Out the Front Door Key” co-written by Kevin Pacelli

March 11th – “Since I Met You Baby” co-written by Emelio Woodstock

And come back for more episodes in April and May!

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