Maryann-Akinboyewa-SAC-2015One of the best ways to learn more about the opportunities available is to follow our civic blog where we showcase dozens of student projects plus get a look at a variety of service opportunities on our Want Ads page. 

Your classmates serve in the many media, cultural, tutoring and fraternal service organizations on campus. They participate at food pantries, community centers and schools in the Syracuse Metropolitan area. They walk dogs and clean kennels. They give blood and serve at Red Cross blood drives. They raise money for non-profits and make breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House. In their local communities back home, students maintain nature trails, volunteer in hospitals, coach youth in community parks and recreation centers and in scouting troops, contribute to museum operations teaching classes, cataloging collections, organizing archives and creating public relations materials. Internationally, students have volunteered at wildlife sanctuaries, restored grape vineyards damaged by devastating floods, supported children and families seeking much needed medical care in underserved populations, and lead English fluency classes and programs.

Young_Ahnia_horseHonors students act as SU ambassadors all around the world, offering compassion, care and resources. Equally significant, you learn and grow as individuals, learners, and world citizens. And you make us PROUD!

Learn how to log your hours (it’s soooooo simple) and enter ALL or your service so that we get an accurate look at the service you contribute around the world and in our backyard. When you apply for either of the two civic engagement awards, we only consider the hours of service you have logged, so fill out that form every time!Jenn Lawson in the Global Brigades clinicSex-Esteem at fair on the quadEileen Spath in radio sound boothSamaritan Center

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