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Honors students work, travel, research, and relax all around the world during summer vacation. Some of you were in the labs in the Life Sciences Buildings. Some of you were adventuring on your own and others were studying abroad.

Three Honors students traveled to France in the SU Abroad program, Paris Noir: Literature, Art, & Contemporary Life in Diaspora (AAS 400). Roshad Meeks (AS ’17), Markova Casseus (VPA ’16), and Quameiha Raymond-Ducheine (MG/PC ’16) enjoyed this amazing five-week program that involves its participants and exposes them to an unforgettable international experience. Intended for students of all disciplines, cultures and nationalities who wish to examine the strong influence Black cultures have had on Paris and the world, the seminar encouraged students to explore the theme from a variety of disciplinary stances. Like a jazz composition, the seminar is arranged to convey variations and diverse interpretations of the Paris Noir theme.

Sound interesting? Maybe you should go next year!

Did you do something awesome this summer that you would like to tell other Honors students about? Let us know and we might feature you in a blog piece!

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